Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Saturday Learning with Book Nerds

How fabulous to enter an auditorium and hear the chatter, see the active networking, and listen in on conversations about books! That is what I found when I arrived at #nErDCampLI on Saturday, November 5, 2016. 350 educators joined the unconference at Jericho Middle School on Long Island to be inspired by a long line-up of authors and colleague presenters. #booklove was in the air.

The day started with a huge cheer by JoEllen McCarthy to get the learning rolling. Tweets were sent out and photos taken. Educators traveled from Maine, New Jersey, and upstate New York to Long Island to be wowed by well-designed book fest learning experience, EdCamp style. 

What transpired?
Authors joined the fun.
 Educators presented workshops.
 Learning occurred.
 Conversations with authors were common. 
  Educators waited patiently for books and signings.
Everyone walked away happy for there is something special about being a book nerd.

Many thanks were extended to JoEllen McCarthy, her nErDCampLI team, and the authors. 
Here are a few quotes to ponder from the workshop on non-fiction facilitated by:
Susannah Richards, Susan Hood, Amy Joan Paquette, Sarah Albee, Melissa Stewart, Heather Lang

-Key to writing a great expository text: look at the structure and be as creative as you 
-Advice on Writing Nonfiction: 
Susan Hood-Don’t be afraid to ask for help
Amy Joan Paquette-Don’t be afraid of nonfiction
Sarah Albee-Ask experts as part of research (people love to tell their stories)
Melissa Stewart-Let it Chill Out when you are done with your first draft-Self-Edit
Heather Lang-Be persistent/Think outside the box
Susannah Richards-@SussingOutBooks-Create parent lists of experts

Being a book nerd is a lifelong calling!

Join the Two Writing Teachers for Slice of Life Tuesday here to read what other slicers are writing about. 

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