Monday, November 21, 2016

Celebrating a Learning Life

Dear Colleagues,

For several weeks I have been eagerly awaiting the 2016 National Council of Teachers of English Convention. Now today, the day after my return from Atlanta, I reflect upon the memories of NCTE 16.

Upon arrival, I sensed a celebratory spirit floating through the Georgia World Congress Center. Excited crowds of educators gathered for a visual feast of a bold rebranding, literary luminaries, book-filled halls, student musical ensembles, and lots of southern charm. Smiles were plentiful as people greeted each other in hallways or waved on the many ascending or descending escalators. Within the fast-paced motion of comings and goings, seven thousand educators moved joyously from one experience to another. 

In between hurried steps, I often paused for short conversations that extended learning from inside conference rooms to outer halls. There were also meet-ups originating from virtual relationships developed on Twitter. inspired by the novel NCTE mantra, "I'm a page turner!", many voices rose in a collective chorus-advocating for page-turning opportunities to build or enhance student-centered classrooms of wonder and joyful learning. NCTE 16 was joyous learning event with committed colleagues who shared a similar vision of a better educational future for all students. From the spectacular opening General Assembly to the last session I attended, magic happened at NCTE 16. 

Today, a bit tired from the energized convention pace, I return to life as I know it but remember that each day opens as a new page.

I join Ruth Ayres, who was at the convention with me, in celebrating this week at her blog,  Ruth Ayres Writes-Discover, Play, Build.

Ruth Ayres presented at NCTE16
"Engage Learners with Compassion and Empathy"

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