Monday, November 14, 2016


#NCTE16 Convention fever is spreading as many of us across the country are anticipating the flight to Atlanta on Thursday. Last minute conversations via Twitter, email, and GHO are happening. Badges are arriving and materials for presentations are being loaded into Google Drive and computers. Needless to say, I am excited. Since I am moderating #NYEDChat on Twitter tonight and we are speaking about "Thankfulness", I am recycling my gratitude-for-conference learning digital.

My badge finally arrived at 4:30 pm today. My husband hand-delivered my mailer from NCTE since he knew I was eagerly anticipating its arrival. I quickly included my Twitter handle since I missed the directions to have it listed on the badge. Then, I printed my Twitter profile photo and included it along with my Long Island hometown on the badge. 

 It's Official!

As I check off my countdown-to-conference list, I am reminded of John Denver's song, Leaving on a Jet Plane. While my bags are not packed and there are still many tasks to accomplish before Thursday, I am ready to learn alongside others, meet up with colleagues, present with my teams, and enjoy four days of educational bliss. 


I thank #nctechat for providing a high energy convo last night. There was excitement in the Twitter air, educator friends I know virtually, those I have met face-to-face, and new faces all excited to attend #NCTE16 in Atlanta, Georgia. We even had time to announce our presentations. You can find me at the following:

I.27 1:15 pm 11/20/16 Authentic Voice in a Digital World: Using Technology in Our Literate Lives B215 How can teachers be digital change agents, transforming reading and writing lives in K– college classrooms? Join a panel of authors and educators from varied backgrounds (Michele Haiken, Paul W. Hankins, Holly Mueller, Laura Purdie Salas, Margaret Simon, Carol Varsalona) to explore technology innovation in student-centered learning spaces where choice leads to increased voice. 

K.14 4:15 11/20/16 The Power of Wonder and Inquiry in the Classroom and at Home A404 Wonder and inquiry help develop the will to learn and cultivate curiosity, which leads students to exploration and discovery. How can teachers foster wonder and inquiry while maintaining rigor and meeting standards? Our panelists will share strategies to incorporate wonder and inquiry both inside and outside the classroom! Participants: Brittany Howell, Louise Borden, Georgia Heard, Kristin Ziemke, & Wonder Lead Ambassadors: Jen McDonough, Carol Varsalona

I look forward to meeting my Slicer friends at #NCTE16 but unfortunately cannot attend their presentation since it is the same time as the K.14 that I am involved in as a Wonder Lead Ambassador. 
Tomorrow is Slice of Life Tuesday at Two Writing Teachers, so join me in reading other slicers posts here.

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