Thursday, November 17, 2016

Proud to Be Young Poets

While I am at #NCTE16 a class of "Kinders" (Kindergarten students) are steeped in the act of noticing, wondering, and writing poetry. Ms. Wyman's Wonders are first time Kindergarten nature poets who are writing about autumn for my Autumnventure Gallery. When I received the collage below, I was so pleased to that I set off to create an award for the little learners who are engaged, proud writers. Isn't it wonderful that our youngest learners are learning how to express themselves? The list poem format seems to work well for these little ones. These kinders are feeling #poetrylove!

You can see their back story and photo journey here

am looking forward to their class poem. Maybe, I will even have a few individual poems to showcase at the Autumnventure Gallery.

Signing out from the NCTE 16 Convention. Take a stroll over to Brenda Davis Harsham, my writing friend's blog, Friendly Fairy Tales for the Poetry Friday Round-up. 

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