Saturday, March 4, 2017

Celebrating March-March Musings 4

I was so stunned by the roar of the wind and the bending of the tree branches that this poem came to be.

The other night I heard the wind howling like a wolf, 
alone in its nightly walk across the great expanse.
I stared out from the window into a dark, indigo sky,
watching the wind actively shake bowing branches.
Winter's cold clutch held on tightly to each tree as
they swayed in the bitter embrace of March's arrival. 
Holding court, winter proclaimed its continuance and
the wind howled incessantly until morning broke. 
©CV, 2017

YouTube captured the sounds I heard.

You need to travel to YouTube to listen to Howling Wind.

March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb 
and so I celebrate its entrance but hope it warms up soon.


This post is the  fourth in a series titled March Musings  that I am offering 
to two writing communities that I am a member of:

Celebrate This Week with Ruth Ayres
 March Slice of Life Challenge created by Two Writing Teachers.

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