Wednesday, March 29, 2017

March Musings 29: Designing a Gallery

The winter season has officially passed me by. March is still swinging between winter and spring, making me feel as though I am also on a pendulum. Why you ask? Well, I'm in the midst of spring cleaning, trying to prepare for professional development at the end of this week and next, while trying to design my latest global gallery of artistic expressions, Winter Wonder, for National Poetry Month.

Each day, I am inspired to look closely and find the beauty and the wonder of nature. People from around the world are helping me by providing a resource of poetic thoughts, beautiful nature photography, and inspirational quotes to grace the gallery walls. There are more than 60 artists, photographers, poets, students, and writers who have offered a variety of digital inspirations for the gallery. A composer friend whom I met on Twitter is even offering some of his tranquil winter instrumental music for viewers' pleasure.

Below is a sample of what you can expect (notice the names of the two individuals are regular slicers in the Two Writing Teachers' writing community). 

Others slicers who have contributed to this gallery are: Terje Akke, Linda Baie, Leigh Anne Eck, Kevin Hodgson, Barbara Keene, Jone MacCulloch, Fran McVeigh, Alice Nine, Laurie Pandorf, Mary Ann Reilly, Margaret Simon, Donna Smith, Tara Smith, and Christie Wyman. If you have contributed and I do not have your name listed, please let me know.

I spent the season taking in winter's beauty to find my voice.
Quote by AKR (in above image) submitted by Barbara Keene

Writing is a never ending journey that has been enhanced by slicing with The Two Writing Teachers. This is my twenty-eighth posting in a series titled March Musings for Two Writing Teachers' March Slice of Life Story Challenge.

I hope you will join me as I will unfold my winter story this week when I unveil the Winter Wonder Gallery. For now you can check out the hashtag I created as a repository for digital offerings. It is #WinterWonder17 and can be accessed here.

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