Sunday, March 5, 2017

March Musings 5: Slicing Our Lives

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Today, the sun is shining so brightly that I am ready to soak in the beauty of life. It is bitter cold outside. I decide that a walk would have to be very brisk so I choose to go to restorative yoga where I can soak in a feeling of warmth and serenity. This will be a compliment to the beautiful morning Twitter chat, Living and Giving with a Smile, I engaged in with my #Spiritchat friends. 

Come along with me to enjoy a virtual spa-like visit
as I provide a slice of my life.

The gym is crowded with others who have the same idea. I move slowly downstairs, imagining the fragrance of eucalyptus permeating the hall. Inside the studio, the instructor greets all who enter with a welcoming smile. First timers to restorative yoga are invited to the experience with gentle instructions on what to bring to the mat. The three Bs, bolsters, blankets, and blocks, are gathered and the class starts with a brief meditation. The instructor opens with thoughts on how life may be unsettling but here in the studio we are to let go and relax in the practice. A very short and gentle om follows. Then, we are led into three twenty minute poses that open different areas of the body. During quiet time when we hold the pose, we follow the breath's pattern to create a peaceful oasis on the mat. At times I am reminded not to be distracted by the mind's chatter and return to the breath. The perfect pace of the practice relaxes the body and the mind. One hour and fifteen minutes of indulgence in me time is a delightful gift to give myself on a cold Sunday. With a smile on my face, I leave the studio knowing that I will enjoy life a little bit more today. 

"A warm smile is the universal language of kindness."
-William Arthur Ward

This post is the 5th in a series titled March Musings  that I am offering to: DigiLit Sunday founded by Margaret Simon and March Slice of Life Challenge created by Two Writing Teachers.

Slicing my life this March is an opportunity to savor 
the small moments that have allowed me 
to notice and wonder more deeply.

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