Tuesday, January 30, 2018

A First

How special we thought, a first for us! All packed, we were ready to drive through the fog to Baltimore for an out-of-town, extended-family wedding. Unfortunately, the fog followed us to Baltimore but we did not allow that to dampen our mood. We were happy to have arrived safely and looked forward to seeing our grandbaby, Sierra.

First, I needed to get adjoining rooms for our daughter, son-in-law, and baby Sierra and my family. It took a long-winded conversation to accomplish this but once the request was in place, we began the process of unpacking and rearranging the rooms. We needed to leave plenty of space for the baby paraphernalia to arrive. Little did we know that my daughter would be delayed due to DC traffic. The clock was ticking. My daughter needed to get ready for the rehearsal dinner and meet my son-in-law who was the best man. My husband, son, and I needed to take care of the baby so everyone was put on standby.

My husband and son settled into our room while I started arranging the furniture in my daughter's room so the play and pack would have its own spot. Even the bellman was waiting for the car to pull up to the hotel. When the text came, my family and bellman rushed to meet in the lobby but the car was not there. Tension mounted. We waited for what seemed a long time. Then, the car pulled up and the busyness began. The bell man quickly began unloading the endless amount of baggage and I hurried to check on Sierra. 

Believe it or not, after two and half hours of travel Sierra was smiling. In fact her smile radiated so a chain of smiles were seen by all as we traveled upstairs to our rooms overlooking Baltimore harbor. Unfortunately, the fog was so thick we could not appreciate the beauty of the nighttime sight until the next day. For the time being, we were content and delighted to play with Sierra and get ready for her nighttime routine. 

The night turned out to be a joyous first babysitting venture that I will never forget. In fact, the whole weekend was filled with many life living moments!

Thanks Two Writing Teachers for the space to write my slice about my "grandmother" life and share it with a community of writers.

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