Tuesday, April 26, 2022

April Moments

Dear Readers,

It is time for April moments to hasten to their end. The month passed by quickly and I realize after reading the poem, April Moments, that the month is near its end. I pause in gratitude for the joy April brought, even with its "winterinspring" weather. Holy Week led to Easter Sunday and family gatherings. There were cherished moments to savor and poems to write during National Poetry Month but now April hastens to its end as Verne Bright wrote.

I decided to write a golden shovel poem to pause and be thankful for the month that passes on. Indulge me for a moment as I write.

April's Appreciated Moments

Why is it that life in spring seems glorious? Do the
Birds know their songs sound sweetest in April?
Shall we celebrate earth's quiet moments?
Stop our hurried steps! Savor springtime bliss? Let us hasten
To bask in the sunlight. Let warm breezes lead us to
Appreciate April moments, soon to approach their
Final, blissful hours of the month's end
©CVarsalona, 2022

In my Earth Day blog post, I share a beautiful video, Love Song to the Earth, and invite all to view the padlet containing Poetryliscious Poetry and image poems. I am anticipating more artistic expressions to be added this week. Perhaps, the padlet will entice more friends to add their blissful moments of springtime as a tribute to National Poetry Month. Thank you to slicers, Diane Anderson, Terje Akke, Bob Hamera, and Molly Hogan. If I have missed anyone else, please let me know. Thank you also to Poetry Friday friends, Linda Baie, Matt Forrest Esenwine, Carol Labuzzeta, and Jone Rush MacCulloch. 

Today is Slice of Life Tuesday so I am heading over to Two Writing Teachers
to celebrate another day of writing with a reflective community of writers.


  1. Carol, spring is a season to be savored with its special sights, sounds, and scents. Some people set their sights on summer and don't take the time to enjoy springtime and the beauty it brings. The pictures and poems you include on your padlet showcase the wonders this season holds. Thank you for including my work in your collection.

    1. Can you please tell me who this since Anonymous is written next to the comment? Thanks.

    2. Carol, don't know why that happened. This is Bob. I think I forgot to change to my Google account when I responded.

  2. I love how you celebrated nature and people with your photos and words in your April Appreciations!

  3. I've been back in the cool Northwest and frigid Midwest for a good chunk of April, so I am looking forward "To bask in the sunlight. Let warm breezes..." Maybe in May! Thanks for your Poetryliscious invitation. I added a poem to the Padlet in celebration of April.

  4. Carol, your poem and the photos are certainly April savorings! It's been a lovely and temperamental month, in turn. Thank you always for the pausings to remember and celebrate moments; I savor the meditative yet sparkling calm of your words. Your poetry is like a refreshing spring, pure and bubbling.