Thursday, April 7, 2022

I Bind Unto Myself SJT-NPM2022

Each month, I join the Spiritual Journey Thursday community of writers to ponder a theme that deepens my journey. Karen Eastlund, host this month proposed an interesting topic, "consider what we bind ourselves to in our spiritual journeys". I pondered what it means to bind unto myself. Perhaps, the real question for me is  "What must I do to unbind myself?  

I know that it is essential to let go of stressors. Although I am trying to do so, this is a critical stumbling block. So what do I bind myself to in the pursuit of well-being? The following quote by author Nikki Rowe holds some truth for me. "Solitude is where I place my chaos to rest and awaken my inner peace." This and stannzas 3 & 4 of the Celtic Daily Prayer, Aidan's Readings Karen Eastlund sent influenced my following poem.

I bind unto myself today
the magnificent beauty of nature,
the quiet solitude of eveningtide,
the sweet call of morning birds,
the allurement of earth's seasons.
These and more are songs of life
written on my heart.

I bind unto myself today
the guiding hand of the Lord
leading me to a place of quiet,
His listening ear and support time,
the wisdom of Proverbs 3:5-6:
trust in the Lord, 
not on my understanding.

I bind unto myself today
a pathway to peace with
a destined state of calmness, ataraxia,
the cleansing waters of rain
washing away any negativity, and
the continuance of faith and
perseverance to live life to its fullest.
©CV, 2022

Morning By Morning by Pat Barrett

Thank you Karen Eastlund for hosting here today.
I look forward to reading the community's blog posts.


  1. A pathway to peace is a daily journey, isn't it? We have to start again and again to remember that the Christian life is not an easy to follow step by step guide. Thanks for your words today.

    1. Yes, Margaret, the journey is daily and sometimes filled with surprises along the way. It certainly is not a step by step guide. I know that I have to let go of stresses that bring detours or reroutings. Thanks for providing your thoughts. I appreciate them.

  2. Carol: Thank you for sharing your de-stressing journey. Letting go (like breaking up) is hard to do! I keep hoping it will get easier. A friend always reminds me, "Let go and let God." It's a goal. Be well, my friend.

  3. Along with solitude come the silences we need in this chaotic life. We cannot find peace until we have time to meditate and pray - and rest our minds as well as our souls. Beautiful poem snd reflection, Carol.

  4. Thanks for including the song. It's one of my favorite parts of SJT. I like your continuance of faith and perseverance to live life to the fullest. I hope your path to healing continues and you can receive your second surgery soon. It's never easy when we face detours. Sending patience your way.

  5. Oh, how I felt the need for comfortable silence in this post! In some ways, I am glad to be empty nesting with a husband who works slightly different hours; it affords me quiet both morning and afternoon, when my job of service is so very noisy at times (yes, even in the library). Thanks for the reminder that tomorrow is another chance to start anew, try again to connect with that calm center.

  6. OK, so YOU'RE the one praying for rain. Kidding...we've sure had some rain this week. Fortunately, April showers have a pay off of flowers so it's all good. There are so many beautiful words in your prayer that bring that sense of calm. Eveningtide ( i love that word!)proverbs, perseverance. Maybe with spring break I can take a few breaths and actually feel these words. Rest well, I'm praying that your eyes rest too.

  7. Your poem conveys so much gorgeous peace through solitude. I love how so many parts of nature are deeply intertwined with your faith.

  8. Carol, thank you for sharing your inspiration and your poem. May this gift of relationship with the Creator be yours today and every day:
    "a pathway to peace with
    a destined state of calmness"

  9. Thanks for this, Carol! I finally wrote mine, and I'm going around reading everyone else's. I like that new-to-me word, ataraxia. Binding it to me!