Friday, April 8, 2022

Poetry Love for NPM 2022

Since 2012 when Irene Latham introduced the Kidlit Progressive Poem, poets have been penning lines for a collaborative adventure. I am gearing up for my turn to add a poetic thought to the existing Progressive Poem on April 9th, only two days away. I have ideas for the poem but I need to wait for Rose Cappelli to compose her line that follows seven other poet friends. Tomorrow, after I read Rose's line, I will prepare for my turn. Wish me luck. 

In the meantime, I created a nonet poem from nine syllables to one per line and then back using one to nine syllables per line. My topic is the April Progressive Poem and its connection to springtime during National Poetry Month.

April progressive poem is pure bliss.
Each day, writers script a new line
with kidlit poetic flair.
Who knows where the poem goes?
Rollercoaster thoughts
swing with each line.
Voices rise.
air, flowing
with poetic
goodness that travels
across blogs exploding
with sheer creativity. 
Enjoy this year's traveling poem
inspired by joyful adventures.
©CV, 2022

Ekphrastic Dodoitsu
Each year when springtime buds burst,
gardens fill with greenery.
Lovers share quiet chatter
so nature eavesdrops.
©CV, 2022, Ekphrastic Dodoitsu

What Else Have I Created During the First Weeks of National Poetry Month?
  • An invitation to create an artistic, poetic expression for my NPM 2022 Poetryliscious Gallery
  • A public repository, Poetryliscious Padlet, for the gallery poems, digital art, and inspirational quotes collected
  • Bind Unto Myself Today poem for Spiritual Journey Thursday
  • Digital Art

My poet friend, Janice Scully from the Salt City, is the host of the Poetry Friday Roundup this week. Consider stopping by her blog, Salt City Verse, to read her interview with David Elliott, author of the new book, At the Pond, available on April 12th.

Thank you, Jama Rattigan, for your comprehensive 2022 National Poetry Month Kidlithosphere Events Roundup here. Jama plans on updating the calendar as new poet happenings are sent in. My list of events during NPM 2022 will be added to the calendar.

Dear Readers, 
I will try to read as many blogs as I can throughout the weekend since my surgery eye is swollen and still healing. Reading is slow-going lately but I plan on visiting everyone's NPM 2022 project this month.


  1. I'm having "Rollercoaster thoughts", too, Carol, (great line) because I'm after you! It is lots of fun to read what others have shared so far. We are on an adventure! Hope your eye feels better every day, and completely healed soon! I love your response to the PP so far!

  2. I send wishes for continued healing, though from my POV, you haven't slowed down too much. I enjoyed your celebration of the PP. I'm worried about mine coming up later, as it seems it has to be a quote. I'm sure you will find a good one!

  3. Such a clever nonet about the PP, Carol! I also like nature eavesdropping in your dodoitsu. :) Happy Poetry Month; hope your eye heals quickly. :)

  4. How fun the is the nonet! You have been very busy.

  5. Your nonet is a beautiful ode to our Progressive Poem and the garden art too! Can't wait to see where you will take us next!

  6. Hello, Carol! I like your dodoitsu very much and look forward to your next step in the poem!

    1. Heidi, thanks for your comment. I am pleased that I did my research and wrote a blog centering on my PP line yesterday. Enjoy today. It is bit brisk here in VA where I live. I wonder if it the same by you.

  7. As always, your post is full of so much poetry goodness! Go rest your eyes!!

  8. A joyful adventure indeed! I'm heading on to today's post to see your line.

  9. I love all that you do, Carol. Your creation of Poetryliscious morsels are especially lovely. I hope your eye is feeling better. :)

    1. Bridget, thanks for your comments. Will Smidgey have a springtime poem or video for my Poetryliscious Gallery? It would be an honor to have a star in the collection/

  10. Ooh, Carol, what a great celebration of the Progressive Poem! Those rollercoaster thoughts are wonderful.

  11. I love how you've celebrated one poetic form with another! That is poetry squared ... Wishing you a speedy recovery from your surgery!