Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Blooming With Radiance #SOL22

like flowers we bloom
with radiance in springtime-
mindful practice
©CV, 2022

Thank you, Bob Hamera, (aka arjeha) for not only offering an image poem to my Poetryliscious Gallery of Artistic Expressions but for spreading the word at Two Writing Teachers' Slice of Life Tuesday, April 12th.

I am inviting Slicer writers to join me in creating a blossom of springtime artistic expressions at my Poetryliscious Gallery for National Poetry Month. 
You can find the padlet repository here
and under the Twitter hashtag, #Poetryliscious.

Thank you, Two Writing Teachers, for a meeting place on Slice of Life Tuesday to connect with a community of reflective writers.


  1. Carol, thank you for including my poem in your post. Many people who commented on my post expressed an interest. I am hoping they follow through and send you something. I like your idea that we bloom just like flowers. I think that writing helps us bloom and trying new formats makes us stronger.

    1. Bob, thank you so much. I just saw your slice and replied to you and a few other friends. Word of mouth invites are so personal and appreciated. You did a wonderful job on your image poem. The ending was a great punch line.

  2. I've been thinking about your invitation, Carol, and I really like this reminder ... complete with a great example from another slicer! I'm still struggling with the form I've chosen to write this month (the ghazal), but the last few days have been a little easier, so I'm hopeful that I'll be able to send you something by the 26th!

    1. Thanks, Stacie, for stopping by. For some strange reason, the first version of this post vanished into cyberspace so I recreated the missing pieces. The comments remained so thanks for leaving one.