Saturday, April 9, 2022

Progressive Poem 2022 NPM Day 9

Welcome to Day 9 of the Progressive Poem 2022. The tradition of penning a progressive poem started in 2012 by Irene Latham. In 2020, Margaret Simon became the organizer. 30 different poets collaborate during National Poetry Month to pen a poem that is always an imaginative adventure of poetic goodness. The poem travels from blogpost to blogpost. I am excited to take part in this year's collaborative poetry writing experience. So far, the poem has evolved using borrowed lines or lifted thoughts from various sources. Two voices were introduced, a journey is commencing, and Rose Cappelli added a new aspect, singing. You can view the list of writers prior to me and the dates that each added their line to the Progressive Poem 2022.

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6  Linda Mitchell at A Word Edgewise 
7  Kim Johnson at Common Threads
8  Rose Cappelli at Imagine the Possibilities 
9  Carol Varsalona at Beyond Literacy Link   
Evolution of the Progressive Poem 2022

Where they were going there were no maps. (Irene)
"Sorry! I don't want any adventures, thank you. Not today." (Donna)
Take the adventure, heed the call, now ere the irrevocable moment passes! (Catherine)
"We have to go back. I forgot something." (Mary Lee)
It's spring, and the world is puddle-wonderful, we'll whistle and dance and set off on our way. (Buffy)
"Come with me, and you'll be in a land of pure imagination." (Linda M.)
Wherever you go, take your hopes, pack your dreams, and never forget - it is on our journeys that discoveries are made. (Kim)
And then it was time for singing. (Rose)

-It's time to reveal my line based on an adventure, two voices, and Disney songs, A Whole New World from Aladdin and Colors of the Wind from Pocahontas.-
Can you sing with all the voices of the mountain, paint with all the colors of the wind, freewheeling through an endless diamond sky?
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  1. oooooooh! What a perfect continuation. Well done.

    1. Linda,I jummped up this morning to make sure I sent off my post. LOL. Thanks for recognizing that I completed the task and for your nod that my line fit in well.

  2. Love this line, Carol! Certainly an adventure is brewing! I get so excited each morning to see what's next.

    1. I also am excited to see where the PP goes each day, Rose. Thanks for your line with a twist. It certainly moved my thoughts in a different direction.

  3. And now? Oh, Carol, you've given a new and exciting opening for this group, for me. I will see what I can do! Thanks for a next wonderful line!

    1. Linda, I knew I had to divert my attention from books to song and wanted a descriptive piece in my response, also. I did due diligence to research and it all paid off after listening to dozens of songs from the Disney collection.

  4. Perfect next line! We have a challenge: How shall we sing about? What shall we sing about?

  5. Disney deftly done, Carol. I love it!

  6. Oh, I love your addition. My Megan grew up on Disney songs, so this line made my heart happy. And what's an adventure without a song.

  7. Oh, Carol, I've been in New Orleans and missed your line yesterday. Catching up. I love the combined line to give us more singing and colors. Thanks.

  8. Of course, if we're singing we need some lyrics! Great choice!

  9. Carol, I love your line! Colors of the Wind is one of my favorite Disney songs and the line you chose is my favorite line in that song! And you added another great line. Perfect. It's so much fun to read everyone's lines and how they flow together. Thank you for including the links to everyone's blogs because I became a little lost.

  10. Ooo, what an adventure of song you painted Carol!

  11. Disney songs! This poem is full of magic from so many sources... thanks, Carol! (Pocahontas has always been a favorite in our fam. ;0) )