Saturday, December 6, 2014

Learning, Life, and Holiday Cheer: CELEBRATE This Week-LX

At the beginning of every week you cannot tell how the events will play out. You can only hope that there will be an air of positivity throughout. This week happened to be filled with many moments that brought a sense of joy to life.

My week started with a desperate attempt to try to get back into sync with life after being away at the NCTE Convention in Washington, D.C. for five days and then doing a quick turnaround time to travel to Syracuse, NY from Long Island before the storm hit Central NY. That trip was another five day one. Can you imagine what my house looks like now and will remain until I get home from a week-long curriculum conference starting on Monday?

Despite the messiness and clutter of trying to take down Thanksgiving decorations, having piles of books from NCTE in a corner of the house, and laundry, I stayed positive in my little corner of my office, sandwiched between papers and books. I decided to write instead of clean. Why? Because writing provides relief from "clutter chaos." 

So, first, I celebrate the art of writing. 

Second, I want to celebrate the season for listening, Advent, that started with a powerful retreat. You can read my thoughts here.  

Third, I would like to celebrate service to others. On Tuesday, I wrote about #GivingTuesday Offering Hope to Others. You can read about my fundraising activity here. Today, at a workshop luncheon sponsored by LILAC, the literacy organization on Long Island that I am on the Executive Board, I was able to say a few words about the H.E.L.P. Uganda project that I support. Much to my surprise, I raised $355 during the luncheon because educators were generous and truly interested in helping the children in Masese, Uganda become educated. At present, there are five hundred children attending the H.E.L.P. School and eating two meals a day. Prior to the start of the humanitarian effort, the children were illiterate and eating one meal every three days. They had no clean drinking water and many were dying of malnutrition and other medical issues. 

Fourth, I celebrate the learning that occurred this week as a result of two day-long workshops for teachers that I designed and delivered. There were collegial conversations and shared learning. 

Fifth, I celebrate the holiday season with its offering of holiday cheer that started with the sparkle and glitter of the NYC tree lighting ceremony.

I am delighted to have created an invitation to the NYEDChat holiday cheer event that will be held on December 15th on All are invited to attend. 

Now it is time to stroll over to Celebrate this week with Ruth Ayres who wrote a poem celebrating home, an appropriate topic at this time of year. 

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