Monday, December 29, 2014

Holiday Celebrations Continue!

Celebrate Life!
Celebrate Family!
Celebrate Friends!

It is the journey of life that affords us both special moments and challenges. With faith and family, we move through each day finding the right measure of joy to lead us to peace, health, and happiness. Life provides an open invitation to us. All we need to do is answer the call and proceed with reflective action. If we falter, we pick up and start again. 

This beginning of this week was filled with appliance breakdowns, servicemen in and out, and hustle and bustle that led up to the celebration of Christmas. As always, we get through the little stresses in life to move on to the important parts, being together. 

Take a short glimpse through the week of celebrations in my household, starting with Santa's annual sleigh ride through the streets of my neighborhood to our family Christmas Eve joy after Christmas Mass, and a celebration with extended family in New Jersey. Lastly, you will see our ride through the bright lights of New York City on the way home from New Jersey. I am sorry to say that we could not get street access to the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center this year, but the excitement of the City at holiday time was present. 

Each week Ruth Ayres asks us to find the celebrations that bring joy to our lives. 
You can find her call to celebrate here.

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