Saturday, December 20, 2014

Celebrating The Spirit of Santa

When the holidays approach, there is music in the streets, bright lights in front yards, and many sights to view. In my neighborhood, the white lights are burning bright with a few multi-colored ones, marking the Sunday night before Christmas trail for Santa. Each year, Jolly Old Santa comes through the streets of my neighborhood to greet all of the good little boys and girls on the Sunday before Christmas. His means of transportation is not a sleigh with reindeers but a bright red fire engine, beeping as loud as can be to bring everyone out to greet Santa. Even though there are no children left in the house, I still get excited by the sight of jolly Old St. Nick, so I celebrate the coming of Santa to my neighborhood.

My second celebration is drawing to a close: preparing for Christmas. I strategically placed my old Saint Nicholas Santa in my dining room bay way to stand tall for all to see. To complement this, there is a collection of Santas on the etagere in the corner. I look lovingly at all to remember Christmas pasts when Santa was an awaited visitor. 

To prepare for that special night, I found this song, 
Santa Claus (I Still Believe in You).

Because letter writing is a lost art, I penned a humorous letter to Santa to see if he could help me with my Christmas woes.

Now, I am off to greet my day. The serviceman is coming soon to take out my microwave/wall oven appliance in order for the repairman to fix the panel. Can you imagine this? I will now have that appliance sitting in my kitchen until Monday morning when the appliance repairman arrives. Then, I have to wait for the installer to come in to put the combo back. Who knew that this operation would take six weeks to come to fruition?

The act of being positive is what I am working on this weekend, so I celebrate positivity in the light of clutter that will exist in the kitchen.

Now stroll over to Ruth Ayres' Celebrate This Week site to read how 
Ruth and a group of writers have celebrated their past week. 

As Ruth says, "May you find inspiration to celebrate your story, 
even in the middle of muddle."

I have and hope you do also. Stories are important!

Happy Holidays to All! 

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