Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Santa's Ride

Santa visits our neighborhood each year the Sunday night before Christmas. It is his Christmas Eve pre-run debut in town. Children and adults eagerly await the yearly visit, announced by firetruck sirens. This year, the Santa showing was the best ever. A flank of shiny red firetrucks and the chief's car escorted Santa through the streets of my neighborhood. 

Tick, tock
beats the clock.
Holiday time is 
upon us.

Santa's ready.
Reindeers steady 
for final ride
of the year.

Santa has another plan:
become the neighborhood's leading man.

Dressed in red,
firetrucks led
a parade of sirens

Lights shone bright,
an awesome sight-
Firetruck parade
for Santa.

Neighborhood hopping
children bopping
to sounds of glee
and joy.

Santa's fun,
anticipated run, 
allowed his
holiday screening.

Santa became the neighborhood's leading man, riding with three children in a bright sleigh led by one of the fire department's vans. Although I could not capture a great picture of Santa's sleigh, I caught the beginning of the parade that announced Santa's coming.

It is the last hours of the Eve of Christmas Eve and I am still in the midst of preparing for the family get-together tomorrow while trying to put the finishing touches on the Finding Fall Gallery of Artistic Expressions that will be unwrapped for Christmas. 

Now stroll over to Two Writing Teachers for Slice of Life Tuesday where you can find a variety of writers sharing a slice of their lives even though the holiday season makes our lives busier than ever.

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