Friday, December 19, 2014

The Gift of Words

At the holiday time, we offer gifts to one another as a gesture of joy. Gift giving becomes an interactive moment between the giver and the receiver. Earlier this week, my post, Gift Giving, spoke of the gift of learning. Today, I turn my thoughts to the gift of words.  

Our words that are exchanged daily can 
touch hearts  -  soothe souls  -  offer hope  - provide inspiration. 

Words are the basic components of conversation, whether they are light or profound, factual or opinionated, simple or sophisticated. What follows is a brief thought on how words come to be passionate thoughts.

In the above small poster, a collection of words in short poetic form is creatively placed on an accompanying image to highlight the message. This coupling of thought and picture is one of the gifts of the Finding Fall Global Gallery of Artistic Expressions that I will offer this Christmas. I thank all of the featured writers for their gifts of creativity, words, and photos sharing the beauty and majesty of the autumn season.

Please stroll over to  

Buffy's Blog for the Poetry Friday offerings. 
You can find Buffy Silverman's  post, Lighting the Darkness, 
and offerings by a variety of Poetry Friday writers here.

Happy Holidays to All!

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