Saturday, December 13, 2014

Season of Transformation

We are quickly approaching the holidays. Messages surround us that quicken our pace: holiday lights, advertisements, nightly news, and signage letting us know about the countdown. How often do we stop and reflect on the whys of the season while we busily prepare? 

Lately, I have been caught up with the hustle and bustle of the season. I have been constantly moving from one even to the next, with no time to consider the whys. This frenetic pace has left me speechless, frayed, and a bit remorseful. Perhaps, you have felt this way also.

Knowing that constant movement is not healthy, I decided to step back for alone time. It was during this quiet time that I found an answer hidden on a scrap of paper and in the pages of a small book, Advent in my Pocket, that I picked up at the retreat the first week of December. As I read the note scribbled during last Sunday's sermon, I heard the deacon's words. "We are surrounded by quick steps. We want quick results but don't want to work hard." The words life-changing experience popped out from the note. Then, I turned to a selection in Advent in my Pocket. The season of Advent is one of preparation-a transformative season. Indeed, I thought. As our deacon said, John the Baptist offered people of the time a life-changing experience. Discard old ways to prepare for the Lord. 

The message of the homily is not about quick ways to change. It is about the process-how to transform your life through ardent preparation. The deacon concluded his sermon with a thought about preparation time. The hard work (of reflective preparation) that we put in now will be worth it when we receive the Lord at Christmas time. 

My takeaway today is partly from the sermon:

In order to reap rewards this season, we must have a change of heart, a change of attitude. We must prepare in a new way that allows for a slower, thoughtful pace. It is important to remember that reflective, non-hurried preparation time will bring joy to Christmas Day. 

Let the season of Advent be a time for change, a time to receive grace, 
and a time to prepare for a new birth - a new year.

The scripture reading for the Thursday of the second week of Advent which would be Spiritual Journey Thursday is:

I am the Lord, your God, who grasp your right hand. 
It is I who say to you, fear not not, I will help you.
-Isaiah 41.13

Advent- Waiting in Silence

Although my post for Spiritual Journey Thursday hosted by Holly Mueller is late,
I am humbly offering my thoughts .

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It is their words that inspired me before preparing my post. 

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