Friday, December 5, 2014

Gently Pushing Students' Learning Forward

Because learning is messy
and perseverance key,

we keep moving forward,
as creative artisans  
inspiring our students
to be careful observers of life. 

As observers, they notice
and naturally wonder. 
As wonderers, they explore 
and discover new horizons.
As discoverers, they seek 
new boundaries to cross.

They learn; 
inquire; converse;
engage with diverse partners.
Under our guidance,
they pursue a path of inquiry
becoming “21st century pioneers.”
Adventurously, these young learners
meet tomorrow with open hearts,
boldly pushing on,
undaunted by missteps,
failing forward on the reflective pathway 
toward success

because learning is messy
and perseverance is key!

2014 Carol Varsalona © All Rights Reserved.

-Dream Big-
and now stroll over to Anastasia Suen's Booktalking #kidlit for the Poetry Friday offerings. You will be delighted with Anastasia's site.  

If you are interested in submitting a poem and photo for the Finding Fall Gallery of Artistic Expressions, I can still accept your offering since I have not started the design of the collection. December crept up on me what with NCTE and the quick turn around to travel to snowy Syracuse for Thanksgiving and now to spend an entire week at the NYS Curriculum Conference with State Ed. I will have the gallery ready as my Christmas gift to all.

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