Sunday, May 17, 2015

Hall of EduHero Voices

Let Their Voices Be Heard

as we ready our minds and hearts for the close of school, it is important to pause and reflect upon our journey as educators and honor the eduheroes of the profession. They are the champions of teaching and learning whose voices rise in a collective chorus to promote positivity and passion. They need to be heard and so this space will celebrate those who dedicate their professional lives to the cause of students first.

this school year connected educators in New York State, along with others across the globe, have engaged in discussions and activities that exemplify a commitment to teaching and learning. Educators have willingly shared their growth and learning during educational online chats consistently. Voices filled with enthusiasm continually fill the Twittersphere. As a collective body of practitioners, they become the difference makers.  

Because the teaching profession is filled with so many passionate educators with expressive voices, on Monday, May 18, 2015, the moderators of #NYEDChat, Bill Brennan, Vicki Day, Blanca Duarte, Dan McCabe, Lisa Meade, Starr Sackstein, Dennis Schug, Tony Sinanis, and I, hosted a Twitter chat titled What Works for Teachers: Will the Real #EduHeroes Please Stand Up. It was a hour of lively conversation regarding successes, positive thinking, and advocacy for continued improvements in teaching and learning. Many voices discussed the contribution of contemporary eduheroes in New York State school districts and beyond.

Designed by Lisa Meade

Below is a short video I created to encourage colleagues 
using social media to link their voices with #NYEDChat.

#NYEDChat, as the voice of New York State educators, is committed to fostering collaboration and growth of the teaching and leadership professions. Besides the chat, the moderating team opened this space, the Hall of EduHero Voices, to highlight the work of the unsung heroes and sheroes of the educational world who diligently carry out their daily tasks as agents of change. Invitations have been sent out to post #eduinspirations to this space that will eventually be linked to NYEDChat's website

Last year, NYEDChat opened a virtual Showcase of Teaching and Learning. Since then over 1600+ viewers have accessed the site. You can see the work that educators have posted here

Please consider adding your voice to ours. Let the world understand the power behind a collective body of connected practitioners in which the learning of ALL students is shaped by #EduHeroes. 

Enter the hall of eduhero voices
sponsored by #NYEDChat

Submitted by Debby Call, @DebbyCall6

My inspire children to be the best they can. Jerry Blumengarten @cybraryman1

Created by Carolyn Carr for Digital Maker Playground

Gary King @ Gary_S_King

Doug Fisher and Nancy Frey at #ILA16

Additional #eduinspirations for this global Hall of #EduHero Voices 
can be added in the comment section or under the hashtag #eduinspiration. 
Please let your voice be heard. 
Together we are one! 

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