Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Just One of Those Days

Everyday life can be a series of routines or a burst of unexpected happenings. It's the unexpected that throws the day off even if the news is a good surprise.

Today was one of those days. While preparing for a presentation and a #NYEDChat that I was co-moderating, a series of events interrupted my day. 

  • An email arrived when I was in the flow of working. It stated that the notice I received from NCTE at the beginning of May was a mistake. The proposal I submitted for the 2015 conference was indeed accepted with positive reviews. Of course, the news was great but it interrupted the flow of my day.
  • I rushed home from physical therapy (I have a torn rotator cuff-quite unexpected news) anticipating that the tech guru would be at my house well before I had to moderate the educational chat. Unfortunately, traffic was bad and he was detained. While trying to get the new computer set up and the old one transferred over to my son, the internet service kept dropping leaving me perplexed as to how I could connect with colleagues. The good news was that the system was operative by the end of night and the chat trended on Twitter. 
  • At the very end of the night while trying to write this post, a bug joined me in my office and bit me several times on the neck. This interrupted my flow as well.
Sometimes work flow gets interrupted and you have to learn to deal with it. Tonight I learned that patience is a virtue. 
It was just one of those days!

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