Saturday, May 16, 2015

Celebrating Nature

This was a week of observing, enjoying, and appreciating nature. It started with the build up to Mother's Day. On Long Island the day always signifies the start of the planting season so days leading up to the event are filled with anticipation. Where can I find the healthiest plants?  How do I want to design the garden?   What color choices would be available?  This year I set out to find the answers to my questions with eager anticipation so that my flowers could be chosen in time for Mother's Day planting.. 

I was not disappointed. East end growers brought a truckload of plants in brilliant hues of pinks, reds, purples, and oranges against a backdrop of lush greens to western Long Islanders ready to purchase and plant. Unfortunately, rain interrupted the planting and left a residue of mud and dirt that was tracked into the house. There was no complaining since friends on the west coast of the United States are suffering from a drought. 

With planting in place, I could step back to notice the pleasures of the different gardens we planted. The herb, vegetable, and meditation gardens were for the most part ready for spring so I had time to reflect on what had been accomplished. All seemed fine. 

The azaleas were just starting to show color when I found a gift from Mother Nature. My bright orange plant that I think is also an azalea bloomed. Each year I eagerly wait for this sight that signifies the start of the spring gardening season. I celebrate nature as it is reflected in my garden.

Mother's Day this year was celebrated with friends and family at Old Westbury Gardens, a 1906 Gatsby-like estate owned by John Phipps, heir to a U.S. Steel fortune. The majestic and well-manicured grounds are part of the National Register of Historic Places and a most appropriate spot to celebrate springtime and Mother Nature's gifts. As I walked the expansive grounds, I was in awe of the beauty of the land. The various colored tulips, the tallest I've ever seen, were glorious sights. 

The photos of the day are worth seeing 
and will become one of my cherished memories. 

I couldn't resist photographing what I called
wish flowers when I was a child.

I celebrate nature because it is:
a gift from above

Naturally Appealing Tranquil Refreshing Engaging

In what ways do you celebrate nature?

Join me as I continue to celebrate nature with the design of Spring's Symphony Gallery that will be unveiled at the end of the spring season. Information can be found at the May Blossom post here.

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