Saturday, May 30, 2015

Celebrating Being Connected

Join me today as I celebrate being a connected educator. 

This week started out with a celebration, Memorial Day, a day to remember America's fallen heroes. It is also the start of the summer season on Long Island. How better than to celebrate the sunshine and warm weather than with barbecues! Family and friends are important connections to cherish. I rekindled framily times at Rockville Links with a Memorial Day barbecue made complete with cotton candy, popcorn, hot dogs, corn, steak, salad bar, and of course, chocolate cake. 

I always enjoy the time spent with others.  It allows me the opportunity to bake for my family and friends. A little pinch of this and then of that is a trick learned from my Nonnie, carried on by my mother, and passed on to me. This week's creations were anisette biscotti, some of which were iced with Nutella. 

In addition, I celebrated words and created several poems for my blog posts this week: Honoring HeroesCreating a Bucket ListMoment of Silence, and  Digital Design


To further celebrate being connected, I invite everyone to create:

  • an #eduinspiration for the Hall of EduHero Voices that can be accessed here
  • an original poem and photo combination for Spring's Symphony Gallery. You can read more about this invitation here 

My week will end with framily times again: fundraising for H.E.L.P. Uganda with a bead sale and then dinner with friends. How will you celebrate being connected this coming week? Enjoy life. 

Join Ruth Ayres as she Celebrates This Week every week.

Discover. Play. Build. 

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