Friday, May 8, 2015

May Blossom

Nature sings each spring
its tune of renewal and hope.

(May Blossom is an antique postcard dated 1912
that is part of my ephemera collection. I designed the
layout as an advertisement for Spring's Symphony Gallery)

Spring appears to have made its full seasonal debut on Long Island this week with sunshine, warmth, and gentle breezes. To honor the season of renewal, I invite all to join the global, online gallery that I am designing. Your offering of a poem and accompanying photo will grace the collection titled Spring's Symphony. You can read more about the invitation here and here.

Spring blossoms, delicate and bright,
bloom with cheerful delight
against a backdrop of green. 
What a magnificent sight!


Leaf is spring's shaped word,
a bold background of green-
framing delicate petals word,
silhouetted tribute of spring word,
a gentle rustling in the breeze word,
pointing toward the sun word,
a fancy-edged,
vividly proclaiming renewal word.
Leaf is a silent spring word
anxiously awaiting its blossoms.
Hush! Wait! Blossoms blooming!

Carol Varsalona ©2015. All Rights Reserved

The above poem, Leaf, is my attempt at Nikki Grimes' wordplay exercise challenge. I am offering this free verse poem as part of my tribute to the season of spring to Michelle Barnes at Today's Little Ditty. Michelle is curating the poems for Nikki Grimes' challenge.

Since it is the end of Teacher Appreciation Week, it is fitting to give thanks to the students who make teachers' days bright and worthwhile. I want to thank Jone Rush MacCulloch for enlisting the students at Silver Star Elementary School in Vancouver, Washington in spreading poetry love during National Poetry Month. Hannah P. sent me this card that shows her love for poetry and wordplay. My family was really excited when the mailman delivered this special treat. Thanks Hannah P.

Silver Star Poetry Project

Please visit the Poetry Friday Roundup where Michelle Barnes is the host at Today's Little Ditty. Today's offerings seem to be filled great delights. See you there. 

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