Sunday, May 24, 2015

Celebrating Heroes

This week was a week for celebrating heroes-from #eduheroes to fallen American heroes.  At the start of the week, I created a site, Hall of #EduHero Voicesfor #NYEDChat's conversation that occurred last Monday night (and trended on Twitter). It is fitting to recognize teachers as eduheroes whose passion for educating youth is evident on a daily basis. I received a tweet while writing this post from My Town Tutors who recognized the Hall of #EduHero Voices in their paper, The New York Tutors Daily. You can access my post in the newsletter here.

This week I also celebrated the power of words through blogging, tweeting, and poetry writing. I even captured my thought just before popping in my biscotti dough into the oven. Words in recipes are essential in the baking process just as in poetry writing. In addition, I celebrated the ability to be a risk taker and create a new dough the way my grandmother taught me: a little of this and a little of that. Pop it in the oven and whisk it away to a barbecue for all to enjoy. (Just an aside, the anisette biscotti was tasty as stated by all. Thanks, Nonnie for teaching me the tricks of the trade.)

I extended my celebration this week with digital poetry-two more poems created for the following posts, Beginnings and Digital Journal. Amy VanDerwater featured my digital notebook, at  Sharing Our Notebooks, Try This! - Turn a Song into a Found Poem. 

I also celebrated the virtue of patience and created an electric image to signify my emotions. The post with the following image can be accessed here. Do you know heroes that have just one of those days?

Now, Memorial Day is upon us and I think of the fallen American heroes who served and sacrificed for this American nation. I recognize these men and women in a way I know best, words that carry a message. The poem and post will air at 12:00 midnight. 

I celebrate the week's events along with the writing community created by Ruth Ayres. Please visit Ruth's site, Celebrate This Week, to read how others enjoyed their week. 

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