Sunday, May 31, 2015

Leaving a Digital Footprint

In this age where there is an influx of digital information, learners need to become creators and sharers of content, rather than just consumers of information. Voice becomes the vehicle to allow ideas to rise.

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Reflective teachers help students become thoughtful users of digital space. Choice is provided to develop independence but the freedom to create necessitates the wise articulation of statements. Content, opinions, creative expressions, and sentiments are sent out to the world daily when assuming a social media presence. What you write becomes your footprint, so there must be careful deliberation on what is publicly said. 
"Studies have shown that a typical social media user consumes 285 pieces of content daily, which equates to an eye-opening 54,000words, and, for the truly active, as many as 1,000 clickable links.    
Connected educators know the value of educational Twitter conversations that allow for the flow of ideas. Adult and student thoughts aired across the internet become living testaments to the power of voice. We leave a digital footprint as we communicate in social media spaces. How will you brand your space? Will it be rich with significant, relevant ideas, conversational in tone, or stylistically sophisticated? 

As per the offer made by Margaret Simon, creator of DigiLit Sunday, 

I invite you to consider what your 
digital legacy will be.

While exploring mine, I carefully examine my word choice, or as I call it word weaving, hoping that my words will impact teaching, learning, and life. I use my blogging space to ponder, reflect, and converse with those who share the love of writing. 

I offer this post today to the DigiLit Sunday community of writers under the guidance of Margaret Simon. Please visit her site and peruse the writings of those whose voices are being raised each week. 

DigiLit Sunday

I invite you to a preview of the newest gallery I am creating, Spring's Symphony, with the thought that each offering you will see at the end of springtime will provide a lasting legacy of artful words. 

A Tribute to One of Nature's Beauties

What will your digital legacy be? 
I invite you to once again consider this question.

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