Friday, May 1, 2015

A New Month, A New Challenge

A new month unfolds today. It fills my heart with the anticipated pleasures of word weaving as I continue the poetic journey I started. 

April ends.
A sigh of relief-
All is accomplished!
May blossoms.
New thoughts grow
into a bouquet
of rainbow wonder.

I once again invite ALL to LISTEN - OBSERVE - REFLECT - WRITE for the new gallery that I am designing. Spring's Symphony is dedicated to the sights, sounds, and colors of the season. It is my hope that this month will see the blossoming of a garden of poems from across the globe. 

How does the garden grow? 
with scents of spring,
a sprinkling of creativity, 
the chorus of nature's tunes, 
and the colors of an artist's palette 

May all who read this post, be inspired to weave their own tapestry of poems as the season of spring finally finds a home on earth. Whether you have written for Winter Whisperings Gallery or previous ones is not a prerequisite. An open heart, an observing eye, and a love of language are the essential components needed to compose a poetic expression that reveals your perspective on the topic, spring's symphony.

When I found a trio of lovely perennials standing upright from the cracks of a enduring winter season, I felt the eternal longing for hope to prevail. With optimistic hope for a season of warmth, I  discard the clothes of winter and wait for the earth to be robed in brilliant hues.

May your spring days be filled with observations that crystalize into budding gems of thought.


I want to extend a special THANK YOU to my fellow, inspired colleagues at various sites that I frequented during National Poetry Month for their creative challenges and multi-faceted poetic gems:

Jone Mac Culloch - Double "LL" Challenge
Mary Lee Hahn - PO-EMotions
#digipoetry site created by Margaret Simon
Jama Rattigan for publishing news of my Winter Whisperings Gallery at her 2015 National Poetry Month Kidlitosphere Events Roundup

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