Sunday, May 17, 2015

Lift Voices in Unison

Connected educators across the globe are champions of teaching and learning. Their voices rise in a collective chorus promoting positivity and passion.
They connect continually offering information, perspective and support.

You can engage daily in a variety of threaded conversations on different topics through Twitter educational chats. In these hallowed halls of virtual connections, conversations are lively and professional learning only a tweet away. To get started you need a Twitter account, a handle, and a photo.  The official directory for Educational Chats on Twitter created by Jerry Blumgarten can be accessed here. If you are concerned about joining in the conversation, you can "lurk and learn" which is the equivalent of just listening in on the conversation without introducing yourself or tweeting. 

As one of the nine moderators for #NYEDChat, I am gearing up for the educational conversation on Twitter tomorrow night. 

Flyer designed by co-moderator, Lisa Meade

This chat will have a special feature called EduHero Voices that is a site that will hold eduinspirational images. In order to fill the "Hall" with inspirational quotes, I sent out a call to connected colleagues to tweet, DM, or email their favorite eduinspiration. I received fifteen responses in a very short span of time. That is the power of Twitter and the responsiveness of connected educators who continually empower students and colleagues to become all that they can be. 

Join the #NYEDChat moderators tomorrow night 
for an inspiring conversation. 

Listen - Reply - Learn What Works for Teachers 

If inclined, send an eduinspiration like the one below 
prior, during, or after the chat. 

Key to Success

The link to 

the hall of eduhero voices
sponsored by #NYEDChat

will be sent out later today

 Please view the short video/trailer 
to inspire you to lift your voices in unison with #NYEDChat

We live in a digital world of educational technology 
in which I readily connect with other educators about digital literacy.

I dedicate this post to DigiLit Sunday, hosted by Margaret Simon. 

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