Thursday, June 18, 2015

Choreographers of Learning

Teachers and leaders with passion, patience, and perseverance lead students on to inspired learning in collaborative environments where inquiry is valued and shared. They are the choreographers of learning, a term that I lifted from a recent Twitter conversation between Mark E. Weston, Ph.D. and Dr. Gregory McGough on #teacheredchat and wove it into a poem.

Choreographers of learning hone their craft, develop their practice, and promote risk-taking as a step to improve their skills and strategies. They are the eduheroes who make a difference because they themselves have learned that in the productive struggle learners meet success. 

The above poem seems to be a fitting addition to my Poetry Parade that held my 2015 National Poetry Month poems. Here is another one. 

Lifting a Line

Snatch a line.
Be polite.
Offer credit.
It's only right.
When you've found
a wondrous quote
be sure to thank
the one who wrote.
Carol Varsalona © 2015

I also have a poem that was created from an online phone conference (GHO) with facilitators of this summer's Edcamp Leadership unconference program. From my scribbled notes I was able to create a free verse poem getting at the essence of the conversation while providing enough information from a literary point of view. You can see that poem here that is now circulating in Connected Educator spaces on Twitter.


It's Poetry Friday so please turn your attention to Mary Lee Hahn's site, A Year of Reading, to peruse the various writer's posts. 


Please note: I have been receiving bouquets of virtual flowers for Spring's Symphony Gallery. If you have an offering, please send it along. I am sure that I still will be working on the gallery design for another week.

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