Wednesday, June 24, 2015

6-Word Story

"Our lives are narratives in the making."

Creativity Matters: The 7/6 Project and the Edges That Expand Writing
Katherine Egan Cunningham, Suzanne Farrell Smith

Every story is made up of literary elements: character, setting, plot, and theme. The story of human life is a series of events enacted since birth. "We" become the main character in a drama set in hometown America circa 21st century. How we play the role of the protagonist is determined by faith and trust in a path of truth. Do we live our life accordingly? Do we travel our path with passion or with complacency? Are we a faithful partner on the journey? What is driving our actions? These are questions to ask when unfolding our story.

The topic of conversation in education chat forums has been on telling our story (branding) and using a powerful voice as the vehicle to do so. If we were to explain our narrative in six words times seven thoughts what would the message be?

Below is my story told in 7 thoughts of 6 words each.

Family ties built destiny of hope.
Faith and hope bound inextricably together.
Healing power of faith and medicine.
Finding balance to positively view life.
Collaborate, connect, reflect to move forward.
Aspiring toward peaceful serenity each day.
A life well shared is success!

There is still more story to tell but it builds day by day. The Spiritual Journey Thursday community under the leadership of Holly Mueller is exploring the story of our life as part of a greater plan. After reading many passages and reviewing songs, I came upon Randy Houser's thoughtful song, In God's Time

The lyrics to the song provide a powerful message: Listen, follow the path, and have faith that the path may need to be changed. Perhaps, we need to learn that the timeline is not ours aloneƧ
"Oh but no one knows / Not you or me / It might be tomorrow or it might never be / Oh but don't lose faith / Put it in His hands / Because it might be that He might have bigger plan / Than you had in mind / Miracles happen." 
Listen to Taranda Greene's song, When God Has Another Plan, to hear another interpretation of life's story. The journey has twists and turns. Be patient as you transverse the highways of life. Focus is needed as detours may take you to another road. 

Please visit Spiritual Journey Thursday to hear the different viewpoints on the topic. 

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