Thursday, June 4, 2015

Leaving a Legacy

Legacy is an everlasting gift from one to another. In order to leave a legacy that impacts others, reflection should take place. While listening to Nicole Nordeman's song, Legacy, these words struck me as being significant:

We are here on earth for our temporal life. What we leave behind is a foundation for generations that follow. Will we model our walk on life's journey for those who touch our lives? Will we leave a legacy of caring, love of learning, passion for life, service, or peace? Will we reach out, be filled with the spirit of life, and fill our days with positivity? How we live our life will affect the legacy we wish to leave. 

What we communicate in writing and share across the Twittersphere will become our digital footprintso reflect in earnest. Be mindful of how you lead your life while considering the must-haves. To find the balance needed, you must protect yourself from the stresses of the world.

Breathe in Life - Reflect on Mindfulness - Walk the Path of Truth

Leave a Legacy!

Please visit Spiritual Journey Thursday where every week Holly Mueller gathers the community together to develop a topic. This week's topic is leaving a legacy. Join in. It is #ThankFULThursday.

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