Monday, June 1, 2015

Tweet a Dream

New hashtags surface all the time on Twitter, so when I received a tweet from a colleague, Sean Gaillard, recognizing Monday as not only #CelebrateMonday but #TweetaDream Day, my interest was picqued.

What is the #TweetADream campaign?

As the non=profit organization, Our Future World, notes their global #TweetADream campaign is a happening in more than 35 countries. Today, June 1, 2015, International Children's Day, students and teachers across the world are asked to tweet their dreams "in a massive Twitter action, giving a voice to young people's dreams around the world."

This inspirational quote spurred me on to create my own image to celebrate dreams for the future.

LET'S #TweetaDream to INSPIRE our youth
to pursue their passions,
follow their dreams,
realize the myriad of possibilities
awaiting them in their futures.


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