Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Reflection on Voice

As I prepare for a end-of-year presentation, my thoughts turn to the power of voice as a vehicle to express our individuality. Bloggers, writers, teachers, and leaders are examples of those who express their thoughts daily through verbal and written interactions. Their voices are heard but one nagging question remains. As travelers of life, do we take the time to pause and reflect on who we are in the grand scheme of life or how we impact those around us?  If so, do we vocalize those feelings? What we say affects those around us. Voice is powerful.

It is the distinct privilege of educators to support and guide learners to become owners of their learning and risk takers. By modeling and delivering passion-filled learning experiences, teachers and leaders as choreographers of learning shape lives and promote the arts of reading, writing, listening, and speaking through the power of voice. What we think and say become critical factors in the growth of our learners as meaning makers. Our voice blends with theirs to create a safe world where positive energy can be infused into the thinking process.

The journey of facilitating learning is not one to take lightly. Look to the voice inside to reflect and express who you are in a complex world in order to positively impact teaching and learning on a daily basis.


Here is one of the quick writing exercises I am using at professional development this week for a group of choreographers of learning.


Prompts for free writing and discussion:
Why do writers write?
What is the relevance of writing for different audiences?
How can writing become a tool to explore our identity?

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