Sunday, June 21, 2015

Celebrate the Power of Voice

It is time to celebrate! 
Time to reflect on our week's stories
and life as we know it.
Let our words ring true
with a positive message.
It is time to keep positivity alive
through VOICE
the sharing of stories.

I started the week with this thought: Words are the lifeblood of conversations. Digitalizing thoughts become an avenue to share and preserve your creations. I end my week with similar thoughts about the power of voice through word weaving. Communicating, conversing, blogging, and twitting allow our words to connect with others in syncopated thought. 

We fill our world with interactions that allow us to grow as life learners. I celebrate those I connected with this week, either face-to-face or virtually, knowing that my storehouse of knowledge has grow through each conversation. From those collaborative conversations, I have lifted words to weave into new thoughts. A week of connecting with others has allowed the power of voice to make the world a smaller place. From Australia to America, voices have connected to celebrate the power of voice.

Today, I celebrate story and the power of voice with Ruth Ayres and her Celebrate This Week community of writer friends. Please visit the site here

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