Saturday, June 13, 2015

Celebrate Life

Each week, I celebrate life with the Celebrate This Week community under the leadership of Ruth Ayres. This week was filled with positive thoughts about life and teaching, infused with sparks of creativity. Take a moment to stroll through my week with me as a reflect.

I started the week with a reflection on Triple Crown race and how it relates to teaching. In my post, Momentous InspirationsI posed two questions: Can we find a triple crown victory in the educational world? Is there a photo finish moment to capture and publicize?

In End-of-year Pause, my thoughts revolved around three words: Passion - Patience -Perseverance. I created a poem, On the Year's End.

On Wednesday, my day began with a reading that provided a shot of positivity. I followed this with creating an inspirational image that was the central focus of my post, Leaving a Legacy of Positivity.

Yesterday, I participated in Poetry Friday with a post, Spring Astonishment. I started that blog off with a poem that I adapted from Joyce Kilmer's Spring. I ended with a reiteration of my invitation to the newest gallery, Spring's Symphony, that  I am creating. 

Sometimes, I feel as though life is a race of hurried events. That is when the to do lists become so long that I can hardly catch my breath. What I am trying to do is whittle down life's tasks to savor life's special moments. Beach walks, talks with family and friends, and a lovely sunset allowed springtime to speak to me this week. With patience, perseverance, and positivity I found some time to slow life down. 

Will life stay like this? I am thinking it won't, so continuing to carve some alone time is what I intend to do. 

How will you celebrate life this coming week as school life winds down and spring is ready to transition into summer?

Please take a stroll over to Celebrate This Week with Ruth Ayres who ends her blog post with a powerful quote that has importance for all writers. "I am shaking off what I think I should be doing and embracing who I am."

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