Friday, June 5, 2015

A Fun Celebration

Have you ever decided to do something fun on the spur of the moment? Since today was National Donut Day, early this morning I made a last minute decision to take my family to Dunkin' Donut to celebrate life. Today was our treat day because we have been diligently watching what we eat since my husband had lap band surgery last April. 

Just for fun, I created this light-hearted poem prior to leaving for our breakfast run with our friend.

Dunk my donut!
It’s got to be
The best day ever-
My donut’s free!

Oozing full,
delicious treat,
I crave the sugar
my lips will greet.
CVarsalona 2015

  Created with Waterlogue
When we arrived at Dunkin' Donut there was a long line of happy people and cases full of delicious looking donuts. We were ready to celebrate National Donut Day with coffee and a yummy treat. The freshly-baked, delectable donut immediately brought me back to a childhood memory of our local bakery with its rich chocolate frosted treats. Chit-chatting with some customers, family, and my friend also reminded me of other small-town fun memories. What could be better than a slow-paced morning celebrating life? 

One of the customers we were conversing with asked about the origin of Dunkin' Donut. I responded with this information that I found on the Dunkin' Donut site

Tonight, I look back on a morning of honoring the American tradition of donut eating and what it means to bring people together to celebrate life's small moments. 

My son, Derek, enjoyed his treat.

Enjoy life! Celebrate with family and friends!

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