Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Edcamp Leadership

Inspired to learn in collegial settings,
passionate to channel energies,
educators will connect their
professional lives through the
power of the unconference
on July 13, 2015.

As an unparalled, education phenomenon 
across the states and in Chile, 
lines of leadership will be blurred as 
collaborative conversations 
with committed individuals 
organically grow in relaxed settings.

Knowing full well that
learning is messy
and process is key,
the commitment of Edcamp Leadership
will champion K-12 grassroots efforts
to build meaning through unstructured learning.

Be inspired, reflect, bring forward thinking to new levels 
to further impact teaching and learning
during this Era of Educator and Connected Leaders.
With the hope of building future ready tomorrows
join the band of passionate educators
who commit to moving from silos to connected spaces.

The Edcamp Leadership experience will open doorways
to new horizons for leaders through the lens of learning. 
Carol Varsalona © 2015

This poem organically grew from a GHO conversation with Joe Mazza, Dennis Schug, Don Gately, and Ed Kemnitzer on the topic of Edcamp Leadership NY - Hamptons. I listened carefully to Joe as he passionately described the purpose of Edcamp Leadership. A brief moment of laughter interrupted the conversation as Joe mentioned that I was taken ample notes. This poem and digital image below are the result of my notetaking. 

Edcamp Leadership Sites:

NYEDChat will have an active prescence at EdcampLdrNY-Hamptons as we engage in a live feed with interviews and organic conversations. Passionate educators near Long Island should join us for the excitement of an unconference.

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