Friday, September 4, 2015

Art, Photography, & Music to Create Digital Inspirations

Digital inspirations can be prompted by photography, artwork, images, and/or music. These mediums allow emotions to surface during the writing process so that voice can rise. Because the world is technology-centric, capitalizing on digital tools to inspire writing is a way to engage and motivate learners to blend the arts with poetry. Tapping into these mediums will allow a free flow of the senses needed to create, so let's get started.

Today, I decide to start with sunsets as a theme to inspire my word weaving.  The prompts that I use are varied:

Artwork by Monet, Sunset in Paris

video that combines photography and music from Titanic

Original photography captured with the iPhone 6

Questions to ponder:
  • How do the artwork, photographs, and music collected make me feel?
  • What moods are evolving from the exposure to these mediums?
  • What words emerge from what I am seeing and feeling?

Use of a digital journal to "play" with the words that will rise from heart to mind. 

Review of previous sunset poetry created:

One more piece of music, Soundtrack Sunset Beach to listen to (After listening to this soundtrack, I decide that the Titanic theme music was not what I am looking for to inspire a poem.)

A new digital poem evolves based on a memorable moment from this summer.  

You can find many digital poems about the small moments of summer at the upcoming coming of artistic expressions, Summer Splashings, that I am designing. Many people from around the globe have contributed their digitialized inspirations. I invite you to peruse the gallery when it is unveiled.

Now please turn your attention to my writing colleague, Linda Baie's site, Teacher Dance, for the Poetry Friday Round-Up. 

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