Monday, September 21, 2015

NYEDChat Opens Its Doors to Learning

Back-to-school time brings the startup of the educational twitter chats. With hopes for a positive school year of learning, energized teachers and leaders are excited about moving forward with ideas that have been on their summer draft board. The state and global Twitter chats are also gearing up for another year of shared ideas, advice, and inspiration to impact teaching and learning. 

Tonight NYEDChat, as the Twitter Voice of New York State educators, is ready to open its doors to another year of conversations.
Imagine this: a group of tweachers, teachers on Twitter, leaders, parents, and people from outside the educational world coming together at 8:00 pm to voice their opinion on the topic of the night: Students as Partners and Change Agents in Learning and Teaching. This will not happen face-to-face but through a virtual portal, #NYEDChat. From this committed group, a chorus of voices floating through the Twittersphere will brainstorm new directions, share successes, and connect and reconnect with those around New York and beyond. Our Aussie friends and educators from around the globe have been invited to discuss the topic. The outcomes of this virtual think tank will showcase the beginning-of-the-school year efforts of the difference makers of our educational system. 

As part of the nine-member moderating team of #NYEDChat, I will co-moderate the first chat of the year with Dan McCabe. The above flyers, reminders, and the question document have been sent out via Twitter to many state educational chat groups, individual thought leaders, connected educators, and colleagues. 


NYEDChat opens its door to learning tonight, 
September 21, 2015 at 8:00 pm EST. 

You are cordially invited to join the conversation
that will engage in a  positive exchange of ideas 
and a showcasing of small successes and eduinspirations.


Digital conversations take place daily on Twitter and blogging communities discuss opportunities for student growth. If you visit DigiLit Sunday hosted by Margaret Simon, you will find interesting ideas that will showcase students who are finding their voice and becoming partners in learning. 


When a Twitter chat has many followers and participants it start to trend on Twitter. Tonight #NYEDChat rocked the Twittersphere with its kick-off chat. The power of the PLN is a strong bond. 

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