Sunday, September 6, 2015

Summer's Digital Inspirations

I have a fascination with ephemera, particularly postcards from the past that celebrate holidays. The one below is a compilation of various vintage postcard patterns that you can find here

Picture postcards were used to send greetings in the Victorian era and remained popular for decades. Postcards of tourist places found while traveling are throwbacks to the postcard era. Since I am almost ready to unveil my online global gallery of artistic expressions, Summer Splashings, I decided to honor a tradition of the past. You can see my new postcard greeting in the first image above and another one below. They are digital messages meant for all who celebrate the wonders of the summer season.

I received a warm response from connected colleagues across the globe when I sent out my invitation to the gallery. 

My love of design, color, and word weaving has inspired me to create a museum-like gallery walk for viewers. A certain energy flows through the gallery where you will find a fusion of art, music, technology, and poetic language. Hopefully, the experience will indulge your senses and reboot feelings of summertime joy. Stay tuned for news of the unveiling and in the meantime


Now turn your attention to DigiLit Sunday hosted by Margaret Simon for the latest happenings in the digital world of educators.

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