Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Summer's Send-off

It's official. My son reminded me that today is the first day of fall so here is my font in orange to recognize the first orange buds I see from my window. Is it time to let go of summer dreams already? The weatherman reported that it is feeling like fall for summer's send-off.  

I am not sure that I am ready to say good-by.

Summer moments that I and other writers captured in the Summer Splashings Gallery still linger in my mind and heart. I continue to walk the boardwalk in search of summer. While there are no lifeguards, there are plenty of beachgoers, surfers, and seagulls searching for discarded food.  

Flashback to last September around this time of the month.

I found this poem in Falling into Place as Season Turns.

Sunshine paints its first canvas
as time turns.
I linger in Summer,
betwixt and between 
ready for fall. 

It is interesting that I would feel the sentiment that existed last year a year later. The season is turning as the meteorologist said but my heart is moving at a slower pace. I still want to keep my shorts in the closet and hang on to my sandals. Shoes just don't feel right yet. 

I truly love the changing of the seasons but this year there was something so magical about the summer that I did not want to let go of the carefree beach days. Other people on Long Island felt the same. "This was the best beach summer in a very long time" was repeated many times. The weather and the ocean's roar were potent medicinals for well-being. Inspiration was everywhere. 

Flash forward to the mall scene. 

Designers are armed with new window dressings to mark the debut of the fall season. One store proudly displays three huge posters with smiling young adults enjoying life. "Inspiration is Everywhere!" is staring out from the window. 

Hint: It is time to start looking for inspiration in nature as it changes colors. 

It may be feeling like fall for summer's send-off but it is still summer in my heart tonight. 

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