Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Summer Day Reflection

While the beach holds stunning views of the expansive Atlantic Ocean, New York City on a summer day provides an equally majestic sight. Spiraling towers reflect glints of sunshine amidst the rush of traffic and the endless array of tourists and city goers. The hoofbeats of carriage horses parading around Central Park, the hum of people chattering, and the beeping of taxis create a backdrop of city noise. As I walk through the crowds, I feel the energy of a city that never sleeps.  My eyes scan the sights, listen to the sounds, and I fall in love with the commotion.

New York City is a city of contrasts noticed at every crossing. There are those dressed in the latest trends and others of homeless stature. Stylistic buildings stand tall but mounds of garbage bags left at curbside are distracting. From Fifth Avenue glamour to Times Square glitz, the city shows its differences. Possibilities are present as inspiration unfolds before my eyes. 

There is a magic in New York City's skyline.  It takes my breath away each time I enter or depart the city. Verve is everywhere and inspiration in the eyes of the beholder!

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