Sunday, September 13, 2015

Still Celebrating Summer

What started with the first Reflect With Me Gallery has grown from a small community of writers celebrating life and learning to a global gallery of artistic expressions. My seventh online gallery, Summer Splashings, was unveiled yesterday with sixty-one contributors as compared to the fifteen individuals who first joined me. Artistic expressions, coined as digital inspirations by Margaret Simon, have spread across social media highlighting the power of voice through digital platforms. 

Excitement has been mounting this weekend from various tweets, including an invitation to visit the collection (below), to a post, "Celebrating Closure", written yesterday for Celebrate This Week

Since the unveiling many tweets and acknowledgments via email, Facebook, and Pinterest have come in giving credence to the idea that from a seed an idea grows. Dreaming big has led to dreaming bigger. I will continue to champion the partnering of technology and the arts with poetry to bring life to online galleries and collections that pay tribute to the creative inner voice. 

Gratitude messages are extended to those creative writers, poets, artists, photographers, colleagues, students, and family members who joined me from across the states and around the globe to celebrate the glorious 2015 summer season. 

It takes time and dedication to create. In the end there is a satisfaction that a task was completed with reverence to the acts of noticing and wondering. In life, it is the small moments that spur us on to dreaming big. May your digital stories be told as you unfold the beauty of the world through the lens you chose.

Please visit Margaret Simon's DigiLitSunday to read how educators are implementing digital platforms in their classrooms. It is my hope that the digital inspirations in Summer Splashings will be used as mentor texts to engage students in the act of creating.

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