Wednesday, February 1, 2017


©CV, 2017

Shall I rise
like the phoenix-
Reborn from the ashes
of life's struggles and uncertainties?

Shall I rise
like the sun-
Vigilant in its pursuit
of morning's hopes and dreams?

Shall I rise
like a creative spirit-
Soaring on wings of words,
crossing boundaries and connecting? 

I Shall Rise 
with the Supreme Voice
guiding my journey
in search of hope, destiny, and joy unlimited.

Thank you Leigh Anne Eck for sharing your one word, RISE. It will remind me to life my voice in thanksgiving despite any challenges that come my way. 

I offer my digital word cloud and poem of morning thoughts to the writers of the 2017 Spiritual Journey first Thursday, created by Irene Latham and hosted by Leigh Ann today.

As a community of writers, let's all rise up today
and see the world with new eyes!

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