Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Winter Warmth

Amazed by the warmth of winter, my husband and I decided to explore the quiet beauty of the nature preserve last week. Our goal was to take in the serenity of the marshland and feel the peace of winter warmth before the expected snowstorm's arrival. 

Soon after we parked the car in the nature preserve's lot, a damp stench was detected. It rose from the ground surrounding the walking trail. As we walked onto the pathway, I noted that murky water lay under the vegetation. This was my cue to walk cautiously down the platform, raised above the ground. My husband obliged my wishes and walked single file behind me. I could not help but think what would happen to me if I slipped and fell into the muddy, smelly waters. Would I look like a mud creature and smell like a swamp? With this thought in mind, I carefully watched my footing as I maneuvered from one walkway to another. 

As the ground leveled off, we came upon a beautiful sight. I scanned the area, noticing tall reeds swaying in the breeze. The scene in front of me was picturesque. I readied my iPhone camera to capture the essence of warmth on a spring-like winter day, took several shots, and paused. As we continued to look out from the clearing, my husband pointed out the Jones Beach theatre that sits majestically in the distance. I quietly imagined summer concerts, loudly ringing out favorite tunes. A story of peace was evolving.

A stillness enveloped the preserve. As we turned into another path, a sole duck lazily glided in the water. He was not bothered by us, the onlookers. He was more interested in soaking in the sun's rays, just as we were. Beautiful, sparkling reflections were edging toward the duck. A vibrancy was noted as ripples of water moved closer toward the flickering diamond shapes. The feel of spring was in the air and the duck seemed to sense it. 

Winter warmth, an unusual occurrence in February, settled in, and for the time being we were aware of nature's quiet presence. In this following image of the scene above, I used apps to create a soft ambiance for my image poem. 

It was tranquil during the hour we walked around the preserve. There were no distractions. While the duck would continue to glide, we knew the world was calling us back. We left with the intent to return on another day.

This slice of life is being offered to Two Writing Teachers who open their site each week to a community of educators writing about the small moments that comprise their lives. This slice became a joyful act of remembering a time when life stood still.

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