Saturday, February 25, 2017

Celebrating Winter Warmth

It's amazing to me that it's February and Mother Nature is sending out spring vibrations. Birds are chirping their morning tunes, making wake-up a pleasant surprise. By mid-afternoon, my neighborhood is alive with children dressed in shorts and t-shirts. I listen to the swoosh of basketballs, and watch the parade of bicycles rolling on by. Mothers stroll with their baby carriages as they enjoy their walk on a warm winter day and I feel the beat of life as I walk the streets. Neighbors stop to converse. Weather seems to be the topic of conversation. 

What a sharp contrast this week is to the two weeks before when the snowstorm dropped mounds of white fluff for the neighborhood to clean up. At that time, I celebrated winter snow. Now I see only a couple of mounds left and I can celebrate winter warmth that flows over our neighborhood like a sweetness.

While celebrating winter warmth, nothing is more inspiring than seeing a brilliant sunset to close a winter day with a spring-like feel to it. 

It is time to celebrate this week of warm temperatures, poetry writing, and the breath of spring upon our winter days. Ruth Ayres opens her writing space each weekend for the #celebratelu community at her blog. You can access Ruth's thoughts and those of the community that I am a member of here

Note: I am reminding all who read this post that the deadline is upon us to offer digitals to celebrate winter at my newest gallery, Winter Wonder. Consider sending me a photograph, image poem, or inspirational quote for the gallery, understanding that winter can be signified by warmth or bitter cold and snow in your locale. There is a story in every season and digitals can be the medium to express your thoughts. 

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