Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Under The Weather-Take Two

I avidly watched the Oscars last night, wrapped in fleece and quilts with tissues and a cup of tea next to me. As the nominated scenes were shown, I staged my own drama. I didn't dance, nor did I deliver a powerful performance. I recounted my private production, Under The Weather-Take Two, based on two earlier episodes, acute sinusitis (that I wrote about here) and rhinitis (here). The drama started the first week in January and has continued.

With the weather being so mild and balmy, it is difficult to be inside nursing a series of nagging sinus and allergy problems. I am sure that you recognize my scenario and may have had your own bout with being under the weather. There is a bit of humor to this tale. Today, it is 50 degrees outside and I am inside dressed like it is winter. Oh, wait! It is still winter but Long Island thinks it is spring and this is what may be triggering the infectious nasal conditions. The fact of the matter is that my ENT specialist says his office has been packed with numerous cases of sinusitis, colds, and allergy issues and I'm under the weather for the second time. 

While my Under The Weather-Take Two drama, may not be award quality material, it is real. Here's to another week of following some wise advice. I shall drink plenty of fluids, rest, add my allergy pill to my daily regimen, and use a newly prescribed nasal antihistamine to get back on my feet. Let's hope all of this works so I can be on top of the weather instead of under. 

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