Monday, February 20, 2017


There are many types of relationships in life, once fostered, that bring joy to life. Last week, during Random Acts of Kindness Week, many people willingly gave of themselves to bring a slice of happiness to others. Relationships were developed or broadened and those who gave also received benefits. Building relationships with others is a gift that leads to a healthy lifestyle at home, work, and in school.

The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation offers research on the benefits of kindness to one's health. Studies show that continual acts of kindness reduce stress, pain, health, anxiety, depression, and blood pressure. It is no wonder that acts of kindness are publicized. Imagine this: if all parents and teachers offered guidance on how to give from the heart then, acts of kindness could become the norm, not the exception. 

Finding the time to offer and celebrate kindness is not difficult. A smile, statement of praise, and a positive attitude are the first step. It is a wonderful feeling to give to others and it improves one's health so developing relationships should be a priority beyond Random Acts of Kindness Week.

Margaret Simon opened DigiLit Sunday yesterday with the theme "Relationships" and provided a look into a student-led act of kindness project that is one the news feeds should pick up on. You can read about this here.


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