Thursday, February 16, 2017

Heartfelt Creations

Poetry draws us into an experience. It can softly unfold sensory experiences, carefully present the underpinnings of the heart, and provoke thought on the part of the reader. It moves words to center stage as the writer mines and crafts them into individual creations ready for public comment.

As J. Patrick Lewis, children's book writer, poet, and third U.S. Children's Poet Laureate (2011 to 2013) says, "poetry seized me by the nape of the neck and wouldn't let go."

Poetry has that kind of a pull. It is the magical musings of the writer that surface into an heartfelt creation.

This month, I was drawn to write daily drafts of poems alongside others in author and poet, Laura Shovan's 5th Annual February Daily Poem Project. This project appears on Facebook and also on Twitter, under the hashtag, #10FoundWords.

Based on 10 words found in the Washington Post article on J.K. Rowlings' Twitter feud with Trump supporters, the following evolved.

On Day 14, the article, Valentine's Day, so lucrative for businesses, has a naughty historyinspired me to create the following:

A Declaration To Live By
While seeking love on Valentine’s Day,
take the multibillion commercialism
away and find sweetness in glorious
experiences that fire up romance.
Spend time noticing and wondering.
Explore the small moments in life.
Create a joyful, personal lifestyle to
chase away unhealthy, hefty doses
of negativity that are floating around.
Seek the positives that nature offers.
Then, be filled with the spirit of ever-
lasting, heartfelt togetherness.

Messenger of Love
Flitting around on Valentine’s Day,
Cupid fires up his darts, ready to play.
Packaging postcards in hefty love sacks,
Disguised as a postman, he lifts his pack.
Love’s personal guide declares his intent,
Sending sweetness to those who give their consent.
With laced-up hearts and a white turtle dove,
his chase continues as he expends love.
Hearts go afluttter as Cupid spreads wings,
And shoots off his arrow with quiet dings.
Romance stirs in the air: commercials blast:
Spend time with your loved ones for true love lasts.
©CVarsalona, 2017

Poetry calls me to write. What draws you to write from the heart?

Poetry Friday provides the space for writers to express themselves in a variety of ways. Visit today's Poetry Friday host, Jone MacCulloch, to engage in heartfelt writing.

A heartfelt congratulations goes out to Laura Shovan for winning the 2016 CYBILS Poetry Award for The Last Fifth Grade of Emerson Elementary.

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